Our consumers, and by extension our partners, are buying more than a product when they look to KING. They are buying a connection to the world around them. They are buying the opportunity to see the programming they love in places they would never have imagined possible. They are buying an amazing piece of technology that they can look at with wonder and imagine “What will they think of next?”

We are proud to call ourselves partners to diverse organizations around the world that create and provide great products and services. We bring experience, dedication and support to every relationship and make it a priority to build business mutually. Our strong relationships with dealers, retailers and distributors provide mutual growth and success.

Retail and Dealers

Customers love our products – just check out the reviews on-line. KING products can be found on shelves at thousands of locations across the country. We’re dedicated to bringing our partners an intuitive, streamlined line-up of products that their customers demand, as well as the bold brand, co-marketing, training and sales support they need to move those products.

If you have not worked with KING before, it’s time to get in touch so we can work together to grow your business. 


KING’s innovative products have been standard equipment installed at the factory on recreational vehicles for over 20 years. Check out our long list of firsts that have led to partnerships with leading US manufacturers such as Winnebago, Forest River, and Fleetwood RV. Our focus is on entering into partnerships that provide mutual, long-term value. Even though we are not the largest supplier in the market, we are growing quickly and adding new OE partnerships at a steady pace. Simply said, our products are designed to seamlessly integrate and enhance our partner’s vehicles, all at highly competitive prices.

Long-haul Trucks

KING offers truck drivers a bit of home while on the road. Both owner operators and fleet drivers can have satellite TV in their truck by installing a KING antenna. Found at Travel Centers across the country, the award winning Tailgater, HD satellite TV antenna is one example of a product that improves life on the road and is within reach financially for a typical owner operator.

Recently, KING has pioneered a great offer for fleets that leverage our best in class, most affordable antennas. Used as a recruitment, retention and reward tool, satellite TV and KING antennas are being installed on progressive fleets across the country.  Yes – satellite TV in your truck’s cab can be affordable and goes a long way in keeping the best drivers.