About Us

At KING, we take pride in making things work better.

We’re known for our leadership in designing and delivering products that are easy and fun to use.

We understand and value our partners and customers, and we’re always looking for ways to serve them better.

Our Approach

KING believes in the mantra of Simply better, by design.

We focus on ease of use, eliminating hassle and complexity in the ways our products are distributed, sold and enjoyed. We relentlessly work to elevate the customer experience and innovate in ways that expand value. With thoughtful creative design, our products work in harmony with other technology as well as the lifestyles of our customers.

Our History

Founded in 1985 as a maker of electronic vehicle systems, KING has deep roots in consumer electronics and a legacy of technological advancement. And though the products we make have changed and evolved over time, our approach has always stayed true: make things simpler, better, and easier to enjoy.

For almost two decades, KING has been a leader, innovator and pioneer in designing and manufacturing satellite and over-the-air antenna systems. From our earliest days to the present, we at KING have always taken great pride in creating products that help our customers connect to the people and programming they love, wherever they go.